Thursday, December 25, 2008

Don't Laugh

You can't help but think of the word LOVE at this time of the year.And that congers up so many different thoughts.Reading about Mother Teresa is all about love. O.K. now don't laugh .....last year I did tons of research about going to Delhi and volunteering at one of her homes.All you have to do is show up and they assign you somewhere.(of course I would have loved an orphanage).Now that shes gone I hope they continue to use her incredible insight into what heals a person......they could afford washers and dryers but instead they have those able wash cloths by hand (an act of love), instead of buying the children toys,the workers (between meals) sit on the floor with the children and touch them and play with them and read to them (so they feel loved). The lepers weave the cloth for all the missionaries robes they wear (so they feel needed). O.K. here was the clincher for me, "Make sure you find someplace to stay where you feel comfortable, for when your sick".It didn't say "if" you got sick but, "when". Yea, I feel kinda whimpy.So....I let Mother Teresa's example remind me how to love.

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