Friday, December 26, 2008

My Quest

When I was filling out my profile info. I realized I didn't have a favorite book. Is that bad? Beth said she didn't either which super suprized me since she's a lit major.Bad or not my quest this year is to find my favorite book! I remember alot of books I liked....some enough that I recommended them to others. And of course then theres those dozens that I don't even remember reading...hence the memory thing. I guess that'll be the big challenge..remembering the one I want to call "My Favorite Book"! As a young mother reading was a wonderful...escape(bad mommy)there I said it out loud.Well, it is an escape , even now into a world of someone else, someplace else, and experiencing and learning so many different things. I remember once when we were in Monterey, California going to the presidio for Russian (air force).Jonathan and Lia were little and I was waiting for Sarah to show her little self, I got into these books by Lloyd C. Douglas (I can't believe I'm remembering this) , he wrote "The Robe". Anyway one day I'd read all day and the house looked like it. Jim came home and took one look asking, "So what'd you do all day?", I told him I'd read all day and he said, "Oh, good for you". Another reason why I love my husband so much, he never trys to run my life. And since my husband is leaving me today to go visit Lia and Sarah (say a prayer for him) I think I'll start my quest with a book recommended highly by my daughter Sarah. "Persuasion" Do you think it'll be the one?

Hey let me know if you have a favorite book...I'll add it to my list...just go to comment


  1. What a cute story! I love your stories, Linda.

  2. Oh, thanks Beth, sure love you! Thanks for being a "follower"

  3. I'm so glad we are doing the blog/journal thing. I really have missed doing a journal for years. This way I'll see that I really did do something each day or so. Ha Ha Love you! Candy