Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why I never get any geneology done!

As I pulled out tons of papers today to look for something , I made the mistake I always make.......I started reading stuff and it was all down hill from there. Years ago I had decided that I didn't want to do my biological fathers geneology. Yea, he wasn't the greatest father, actually he was a good father when he was home (so my mom said). He left us when I was three and showed up thirty years later. I didn't want much to do with him for a long time until I found out about his depression and when I was finally diagnoised with depression I felt alittle differently about him. Anyway..........even though I still don't think much of him as a person I had always felt close to his mother, my Grandma Harriet Robinson. And..........decided I really wanted to do her geneology, and thats what I was reading about today. Grandmaa great aunt Harriet Robinson. Google the name and read about this interesting lady. So excentric that Whittier mentioned her in his poem "Snowbound".I have the 1883 little book that was published with some of Whittier's poems including Snowbound.(Grandma gave it to me) In 2001 she was named a local "Shero" from New Hampshire by the (NOW) National Organization for Women. She led a VERY interesting life. I love feeling connected to these people in some way and am glad I started learning about the Livermores. Next time NO reading the good stuff over and over again Linda!

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