Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Goats are here, The Goats are here

Jims been walking around all day laughing at
his little joke "I finally got Linda's goat".Yea,
funny hunny. Oh, their so sweet. Would you
believe I'v always wanted goats....I think it
came from Jim always wanting goats.But, I
wanted pygmy and Jim wanted angora for the
fiber.So these are pygora, a mix.Goats are
very friendly and when we all left them last
night their little heads were under the gate
bleating at us. I went out this morning to spend
sometime with them and they were so happy
to see me. This is going to be Fun!


  1. I Love your Blog! I can feel your joy and love. It makes me so happy to read it. Love ya!

  2. The kids REALLY want to come and visit now. Do you think some horrible natural disaster will happen if I come over this week?
    Personally, the two goats remind me of the 2 sheep from "Cheaper by the Dozen" (book - not movie). I hope they don't share the same fate (being ridden and loved to death by children).