Tuesday, January 13, 2009

just do it!

Well I finally got up the nerve and started
a store on Etsy to sell my fairies!Yesterday
I had myself talked out of it(no one would
pay for these, ect.....) Then Jim talked me
back into it.It was so overwhelming setting
up the store I'm sure I did alot of things
wrong .....but I did it! They stressed that one
thing you could never change was your user
name.........so what did I mess up? Of course.
So my user name is Grandmalinda6. I do
have six kids but it just dosn't flow very well!
Anyway its up there and now I can slowly
add other things I'd like to make........or
not! I'm going to take Sarah's attitude
give it a couple months.........I haven't done
anything like this in along time.Its pretty much
been Jim with all his hobbies. It was darling last
week Lance was helping me with the dishes and
I had on my pink rubber gloves. He said pointing
to them,"pa-pa make?". No I told him I got
them at the store. Then real sternly he said,"
No! pa-pa make!" Jims been making them all
mittens and I guess he is sure that Jim makes everyones
gloves, rubber or not!


  1. So cute! I love the pictures of your faries among the pots and plants. I hope you included those in your store!

  2. I love your fairy's. I wish I had little girls, it would make a cute theme for a bedroom.

    I just started doing needle felting. You can see a few things I have made or helped make so far.

  3. Those are so cute. Good for you for setting up the store. That's awesome.