Monday, February 2, 2009

mini vacation

I always love going on the ferry, it feels like a mini vacation. I took Annika home and her mommy met us on the other side. Annika and I had alittle lunch on the ferry even though I knew Lia would want to have creps when we got there. These crepes are to die for! We had desert first....strawberry& chocolate...honey& almonds! And if that wasn't enough then we went and had fish and chips! I seriously was full for 24hrs.! It was fun even if it was freezing and overcast. What is it they say: "Anything you do that's different from your routine is a vacation."

Our little picnic...(I got to use my thermos..worked great and kept us warm while we were waiting for our crepes!

Silly us!

Thanks to the Navy we've got to take lots of mini vacations over to the Pennisula. How blessed we've been to have Lia and Tony and their family be stationed here , not just once, not just twice , but THREE times!

The Best crepes!

Anthony and bo0-boo waiting patiently.

So next time you have a free afternoon and alittle extra money take a mini vacation!


  1. oh. You really do use your thermos! Good for you Linda! Oh, and I wanted to suggest JoyFlower Place for your house.

  2. It was the first time! Is Joy Flower Place a store? Its fun to see you on face book, I love you Beth.