Thursday, February 19, 2009


it was so good to see Sarah and the girls, I'm glad she decided to come and bring Rachel. We had a beautiful day yesterday and spent lots of time outside with the goats, went for a walk and played. It reminded me of summer........something to look forward too. The day before Sarah came Jim's mother (who lives with us) gave me an early birthday present. She has started up tatting again and made me a beautiful tatted frame with a picture of Jim and I in it. Well, I was telling her it was kinda sad that tatting would probley be a lost art soon.
When Sarah saw it she immediantly wanted to learn and by the time she went home today she was tatting! It made me happy, just to know that it would be carried on.

Autumn and Chloe
Elise trying to feed the goat

Hannah trying to make friends

The goats favorite rock


  1. I am so sad that I was sick and missed Sarah!!

  2. Yeah. I still can't believe she learned to tat! It's so fun to see Sarah and all of her hobbies that come along with her.