Thursday, February 26, 2009


gosh I feel bare without my camara.......I left it in Lucy's carseat when we were out the other day. Today's the first day I'v felt decent enough to do something other than what I absolutely had to. You know our health is everything. I'm so grateful for mine. Once the dr. told me ....."..besides having chronic fatigue, your pretty healthy." I was out this morning, you know taking the garbage out, pulled a few weeds, fed the maaaaaing goats, and it just felt so wonderful breathing in the cold fresh air,and feeling like I could actually do something. We had a dusting of snow on the ground from last night, I opened doors and windows for about an hr. and then turned the heat back on...................................go away sick germs. My manly man came home sick last night and didn't eat dinner and went to bed early.(not eat dinner is huge sign that he's sick!) But, he's one of those people that can sleep off anything, so he was off to work,today. I'v been working on food storage stuff....typing in names for an e-mail list. I'm excited that I reserved the portable canner from the cannery for a week in March. I'v always wanted to can some rasins, I'v got pancake mix I'd like to do ....and...........a big bag of little candy bars I got at costco. Won't that be a nice surprise to open! Well, back to work!

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