Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More presents

Autumn's birthday is this week and she'll
be 9 . She's having a fairy party!
Doesn't she make a cute french girl?

This picture didn't turn out too well but here's my
darling daughter Rachel....she's a beekeeper so
there's her beehive in the background.

Here's Queen Britton. She turned 3 last week and she had
a birthday party last Sat....good food and lots of dancing
going on! (chicken dance, hokey pokie)

I'm having way too much fun making these
for the kids, and its so nice knowing what I'm going
to give everyone. Next year I'll have to think of
something else.

Well, I'm going to go see if I broke my big toe or just
bruised it terribly. I knocked the bar stool over
on it yesterday. Oh my gosh, it hurt all night!


  1. Did you ice and elevate it?

  2. What a neat thing you are doing for your family.

    Ouch! We are going to have to wrap you in bubble wrap. ;-) I hope your toe feels better soon. Lv ya!

  3. I especially love Britton's! Cute, cute!