Wednesday, April 8, 2009

bunny cakes

My "infamous" bunny very easy to make and cute to beat.

these two cuts make your ears and bow tie.

I was so happy to be feeling good enough to have grandma day care today. We had
lots of good talks (its amazing how deep kids can get) while we frosted cakes, played
outside, and ate lunch. We took the goats for a walk , actually it all started when Britton
was ready to leave the goat yard the Blackie butted Britton and ran around her...........
the great escape!

This was Abby's cake , her bunnies sticking out his tongue.

Sure love those grandkids! And soon
I'll be heading over to Port Orchard to spend time with my daughter Lia and her holligans! Her babies due on the 16th. Were excited to see who this little one is.

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  1. I was wondering how you made the cute ears! I love the picture with all the kids!