Sunday, April 5, 2009

love sundays

What a nice day, I don't think Jim and I have had this much time together in weeks. Jim was craving french toast so he made us a delicous breakfast. We watched conference together, and enjoyed the peace and love always felt from listening to wonderful , good , people who love the Lord. Beautiful music . Then we sat outside for a while just soaking up that sun that's been hiding for so long. The goats bleated for us to take them for a walk, but , we were just too lazy!
We made a yummy venison stew, that we passed on to Rachel when she stopped for a minute.She said "cool" two dinners"! I guess Beth and James had brought dinner over ! Can I tell you how I love my kids! I admire them all so much. We ended our nice day with a couple games of Scrabble , always a favorite. And we each won a game !(that's important)

Jim gave me two stings on my back. they hurt if touched. I guess the more they react(swelling, reddness and itching) the better. I feel brave but I don't think this is going to be alot of fun. My arm is still very swollen and red. I'm wondering if I have arthritis in that wrist ?? I did read some bad news today though........its better when your going through treatment if you give up white! I know I need to do it anyway............hmmmmmmmmm

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