Thursday, April 23, 2009


I had a sweet experience a few days after I got to Lia's. I had the children over at their neighborhood park and I saw a darling young mom and her three little girls coming to the park from the opposite direction. She said "hi" after awhile, that she knew Lia from church and that she read my blog. I immediately loved her (and not just because she read my blog!)But, because I was a young mom once with little girls,and I so admire and love these young moms and their courage and goodness and don't forget,......I still feel young inside even though my body isn't co-operating! So, Jennifer, thank-you for being my new friend. That's one fun thing about blogging, you meet people you would never have been blessed to before.

Annika was trying to get Anthony to co-operate yesterday and she said, " You have the Holy Ghost but, you never listen to him!"

James is like a woman with a chocolate fetish. He sat at the table yesterday and just kept saying over and over again....."chocolate, chocolate" in a very stern voice. We opened a package of chocolate chips to accommodate him. Or I should say Grandma opened it. Oh, and he called me Grandma yesterday for the first time, it's been Grandpa up until now.

I'm going to sew a baptism dress today. I consider it a privilege to make the girls baptism dresses, but, I'm a procrastinator! Have a nice day and let me know what you were up to today.

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  1. I'm with James on the chocolate kick! I've made chocolate covered strawberries this week, and something I like to call brownie bon bons... But I like the creating process too. No sitting at the table demanding it, maybe he'll learn that too. Can't wait to see you in a couple days!