Sunday, May 17, 2009

another garage sale find

Lia and I did some garage saling in the morning, and found some fun things. Got shoes for the kids, snow boots for next winter,and then we found our big finds!
Lia got the darling little rocker and I got the desk (and since Lia lent me $20 for my desk she gets first dibs on it if I ever get rid of it). I just Love it! You can even pull the desk part all the way out and in the back is a secret place to hide things (money, secret papers...of which I have neither!) but, its so cool. We made room in the dining room for it. Took out alittle side table and there's so much more room for the table.

What a busy day we had yesterday! Garage saling in the morning, mowing lawns and weeding, kids all over outside having fun...even got the swimming pool out! Popsicles,chips, soda and cake! Little James said under his breath "pop is good".
Went to Abby's birthday party, and then a late showing of "Star Trek". Jim's brother Mike and his son Josh were here for the night so Josh went to the show with us. It was great even though I kinda hate when they do the time travel stuff, it always confuses me. Home at midnight! Fun day! Lot's to be grateful for.


  1. Oh Linda! What a wonderful desk. I just love garage sailing with you. We've found some really good things before, too. Love to all, Candy

  2. I love that desk! Was it just $20? That is wonderful! Love the surrounding decor also! Good Job!