Thursday, May 14, 2009

our cows

We have a dirt road in front of our house and then there's the cows. We call them "our" cows but, really their the neighbors. We love them like their ours though!We'll be in the house and one of the children will yell "the cows are out" and everyone runs to look, especially this time of the year when there are new babies, which right now there are three.

These are not your regular everyday cows, these are Scottish Highlanders. Long shaggy hair they look almost like yaks! Our neighbors have raised them for years and these dear cows barn is bigger than my house! They rotate them on different fields on different days thats why were excited when their in "our" field.

We were happy when a few years ago they put up a windmill. "Our" very own windmill. How nice. The fields across from us can never be built on because the Everett water main runs through the middle of it. So, we've been told anyway.

Well, I'm going to go vacumn my room, it's not perfect(my manly man's stuff)
but, it's lovely to me.
I guess I didn't picture myself still doing so much cleaning and picking up when I was this age. Since Jim has more time now, he also has more time to create more messes and it's kinda like having children.(not quite that bad)I find it very frustrating but I can't just give up or I'd go crazy. So....I try to deal with it the best I can and remember what a great man and husband he is. Am I the only one?

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