Monday, June 15, 2009

of my goodness!

baaaa.....baaaaa.....baaaaaa.....baaaaaa.......baaaaa......... oh my goodness manly man come home and feed these goats!

my friend comes in today, hoping to stop by Pike's market on the way home for flowers and maybe fruit?? I wonder how late it stays open.......looking forward to doing some sight seeing.......sad but true otherwise I usually don't take the time or is it that I just enjoy hanging out at home, or am busy with life! I'll keep you posted on our adventures!

I always like the beginning of a new week it feels like a fresh start .... I wonder what it'll be like in Heaven when there is no time? sounds wonderful dosn't it


  1. The market closes pretty early, so if you have to pick her up at 6, you should probably go another day. :o( Have fun!

  2. Go on your way to our house - that way you can pick up a boquet for us! :)

  3. Hi Linda: I'm so excited to see Nancy and You tonight. What do you want me to bring for dessert? Something luscious? Or something sensible (not!) Love, Candy

  4. Please email me, instead of adding a comment. See yall around 6pm.