Friday, July 31, 2009

a very merry birthday

Jonathan turned 6 yesterday and we got to help celebrate his birthday at our house.
Lia came over with the kids, and all the cousins came and we had a wonderful day!

It was a dinosaur party, we had snow cones, pizza and cake!

Water was a abig part of the day since it was so hot....we had a great water fight!

My manly man planned to shut the store down for lunch and come see everyone for an hr. and thanks to Rachel's devious mind, we quickly filled up water balloons, making sure each of the kids had two and ambushed him when he got home. He said it felt great, and the kids thought it was great!

Sweet Lucy!

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  1. I saw a vidio thru Beckys on facebook ...of Lias boy getting his hair cut I thought that was sooo cute and funny!! Penny