Thursday, August 6, 2009

monday madness

Sweet Cozette, getting so big.She's so laid back and always smiling.

monday we headed to Lia's to pick up the three little ones for a visit while sewing camp(2) was in progress. Instead of driving around we decided to take the ferry so we could stop for crepes on the other side. Everyones always talking about the famous crepe place and Jims never been. When we got close to the ferry we noticed the line was alittle long but, decided to chance it anyway. THREE hrs. later we got on the ferry! You know though it was nice to have some time together, Jim knitted, I played sudoku, we took a walk in the nice park on the beach and then there was the was all worth it! (and the quilt store next to crepes!)(cute new material) And I'm writing this Thurs. because ??? I'v been to tired and busy running around after sweet kids!

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  1. Oh, I love seeing pictures of my kids on your blog - especially when we aren't seeing them over here!
    Miss you, Jonny!