Thursday, August 13, 2009


Seeing that the summer is waning , school is starting and were getting back into a routine, its a good time to think about how we can save time and money on our food preparation. When raising my family (husband included) things always went best we I would make a "meal plan". No worrying about what to have for dinner or if I had the ingredients! There are hundreds(well maybe not hundreds) of places to go online to get ideas and actual meal plans. Personally I think its best to find the meals you and your family love the most and are most familiar with. Stockpile the items (that go with your recipes) then when they are on sale buy lots, and then don't buy until there on sale again. Going to the store with a list always saves money!

Here's an example of what one family does for their week:
Sun. traditional (roast,potatoes)
Tues. comfort food
Wed. meatless
Thurs. crockpot or throw together soup (my mom used to clean out the frig. on her
day off and make soup...I hated that day!)
Fri. pizza or Italian
Sat. grill or crockpot

Remember for this to work my theory was- KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Another thing that worked well for our family was on Sunday afternoons we'd all get together and make sandwiches for the week. It took maybe an hr. and how wonderful to throw together lunches or just get one for a snack. Our favorites were: tuna,ham and cheese, and peanut butter and jam. Amazingly enough they all froze well and by the time they unfroze were fresh!

See you next week for THRIFTY THURSDAY!

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  1. I love Thrifty Thursday. I am excited to see what you post for tomorrow.