Sunday, September 20, 2009

quick road trip

I'v got these pictures out of order.After going over the pass you drive into this valley with the small town of Ellensburg. When Jim got out of the Air Force we lived in Ellensburg with our four children, five by the time he graduated and went to school. Our son James and his wife both got their degrees there too. Nice small town.

Going up to the the clouds hanging over the mts.

going down the other side and into the flat lands

This is in the Yakima valley where most of your apples and grape juice comes from.
Now there are alot of wine grapes being grown and winery's. This is looking up at Silver Valley Winery where the wedding was.

My new little niece only three weeks old. Lalana Joye (my middle names Joye also!)

My sister good to see her

My niece Jessica and sister-in-law Nancy

my great nephew as ring bearer and flower girl....cute

Last but not least the bride and groom.The groom is my nephew Rusty and his wife Molly! One lucky guy!

"bye honey" have fun canning

into the car...slip "Nora Jones" in the dvd player

and drive into the beautiful day

lovely drive over the mts. I never get tired of the beauty.Wonderful trip,

beautiful wedding , and home again.


  1. I don't know Mom...taking pictures while driving. Tsk. Tsk. If you want to risk your life, you can just let Dad drive. :)

  2. I still remember my trip over the mountains with Jim driving... I was probably never as close to praying as then. But taking pictures while driving... that might be even worse (also taking a picture through the windshield is terribly tricky).

  3. I thought Whitney's baby was Alaina Joye