Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bath (we'll spend a day here)

I was laying in bed this morning, Jim went to the kitchen to get me a drink of water and slammed the door as he went out.Half the ceiling fell down! Just missed the bed! I had just been thinking I should get up there and do some stapling.(we have these white panels that look nice from far away, but after 45 years are starting to come down).Jim peeked back in and I let him know I was alright. He said it gave him quite a scare. But,.....I'm excited because he said he was excited to replace it with tongue in grove wood. we'll see how that goes......................wouldn't that be beautiful!
Had lunch today with me sweet friend Candy.(no pun intended) Our history is pretty amazing. We met in Texas 26 years ago, she lived with her family in our subdivision and went to our church. After we moved up here we lost touch until one day she called and asked me if Granite Falls was close to us. Yes! I told her it was only 20 minutes from us,......why? Well, she met a guy (she had divorced) on the internet and moved to Granite Falls to be with him. So, now were neighbors(20 mins. I call neighbors!). We share the same birthday, and always try to do lunch.Cool, huh?

Well, tomarrows the big Halloween party at Rachel's. Excited kids! Rachel gives the best parties...we all think she should be a party planner. I'll be making spiders, homemade rootbeer, and if I can not be lazy I need to carve some pumpkins! Since Rachel and I will be in England over Halloween she's doing this early. Were both getting excited!

I'v made four new pictures for the grandkids, but, can't post them yet since my silly card reader thing still isn't working. Drat!


  1. We had a great lunch yesterday - didn't we. Twice a year is fine - right??? Your Cupcake Pin Cushions are DARLING!!! Thank you so much.

    I love you so much, my friend! Hope your trip to England will be the most wonderful time ever with Rachel. Hope you are lucky enough to find some FINDS for your genealogy too. Call when you get back. I love you! Candy

  2. We're sewing like mad to get there on time! ...and it turns out that I'm babysitting until 4:30, so we'll get there as soon as we can!