Monday, November 9, 2009

feeling creative

This is a reading library now(verrryold)Some of the rooms in it were in the harry potter movies. It is in York.

This is just alittle of the gardens around our hostel in London. Lovely

This is an English breakfast, which Rachel loved, hagas and blood pudding (wasn't my thing)

Rachel and Gerrit in front of Buckingham Palace (notice a height difference?)

I've got a project that I'm dying to start working on, unfortunately I can't tell you about it because I know for sure a certain granddaughter reads my blog (love you rachel), but , maybe she wouldn't broadcast it?? What do you think Rach? So, I've been thinking about this for a while and after seeing Howard Castle it made me want to do it even more. I want to make a book for the children about the story that happened in Howard Castle that became their heritage. Now the creative part was my Rachels idea while we were on our trip. oh, its going to be fun! I'll keep you posted as I get on with it!
Well, its been to bed at 8 and up at 4 the last few days. Whats funny is that at five this a.m. i was in bed with my lap top(manly man snoring next to me)on facebook and up pops a box with Rachel wanting to chat....she was up too! Hopefully we'll adjust soon!
Had a nice week-end with the Romero family. Lia and I committed this week to eat a salad a day and she's committed to a spinach shake every morning. I've got to go to the store for that. So, that's my week.....salad,being creative, and unfortunately my cleaning jag is already over! have a good one!


  1. I'm jealous of your trip just for the food... and the awesome sights... and for never actually being out of our country before, and the accents... Britton and Lucy miss the heck out of you! Do you want to come over some time, or shall we come see you?

  2. OK, I'm quite OK with most parts of the english breakfast. But Haggis?

  3. Gerrit, you haven't tried it yet, so you're not allowed to have an opinion on it! It's more flavorful than the Black pudding