Wednesday, November 18, 2009

good-by sunflower room

Isn't this the sweetiest picture! Our just turned 12 Anthony holding sweet Cozette.

Its been probly ten years since I painted the sunflower room aka our bed and breakfast room. Last year I went to paint it and my manly man threw such a fit, saying something like "its my favorite room in the house"(he never even goes in it or looks at it??) Anyway I guess I wasn't really in the mood to paint so it was a good excuse to give him his way and save it for another day...which is this week! I really like the new color and the accessories even better. Mike's coming Sat. to put in new baseboards and frame the windows.(bless him! what can I cook for you? , Mike likes being paid in food)So, finish up some trim today and it'll be ready for Mike.
Before and after pictures to come.


  1. What a sweet photo. And another sweet thing - I have a DVD to send to you. I loved your comment on my blog and I am hoping you can give this DVD to your daughter as a reminder of your trip to Scotland. Please email me your address. Thanks:)