Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a good excuse?



Lonely cow


Westminster Abbey

I'm still laughing at my daughter-in-laws blog from this morning! She told her little girl Britton that as soon as her room was clean and vacuumed that they'd get some toys out of the garage.(they just moved) So she told her mom she was holding up a sign that said "vacuum now " and that she'd got it on clearance at Target! They make me laugh!
Well, I slept til 5:00 this morning, alittle better, but I'm dragging. Lia I have to admit I didn't do my salad yesterday! After going out finally yesterday(waiting to see if Jim could fix the car)I got a few blocks before the library and the car stopped on me. Since I had just plugged my cell phone in at home, I walked to the library to phone home. Of, course I couldn't help but find a few books and dvd's first, I was so excited with my finds and then my card was blocked! drat! Rachel came and rescued me, took me to get salad stuff. When I got home,Jim and I went to see if we could start the car and move it. My manly man filled it with transmission fluid and barley got it to the store. Sigh. By the time we got home I found the couch and was too tired to make a salad. My manly man made me another pork and dressing sandwich.(so hit the spot). So, is that a pretty good excuse?

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  1. I didn't either, but your excuse is WAY better than mine!
    Honestly, I can't remember my excuse? I was...busy? That sounds resonable. Actually, it was the lack of fresh, green stuff in the frig.

    Hope your car feels better! Do you guys need to borrow Tony's truck for a little while?