Friday, December 18, 2009

did some cooking!

"Many hands make light work"

Our at least 50 snowballs flowed into one!

I told Luna last night we'd make cookies in the morning, so then I had no choice but do some cooking. We got started early, but, I think I got distracted and obviously didn't put enough flour in our snowballs! They still taste great. We made some pumpkin bread and that turned out great, yea!

Took Becky for her two wk. exam and she was given a clean bill , she looks great and seems to be handling having no. four child well. I always said,"after three, it's all down hill".

I did my first christmas shopping to day . I always do gift cards to Barnes and Noble for the grandchildren, its easy, and we want to encourage all the children to read.(which they all do!) In fact we've got the readingest little kids ever! I love it!

My manly mans dipping beeswax candles with his scouts tonight, for a present for their moms. He's done so many candle classes this year , usually for private groups or families. Now that we've had the shop for a few years were getting repeat business ....people's traditions? It's a great way to bring money in this time of year when business is slow.

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