Thursday, December 17, 2009

still no cooking!

James zoned into playing.

Natalie trying to stay warm in the morning during our record making cold spell!

Well, hopefully Rachel and the children will be back today.They'v been in Portland visiting Sarah and the girls all week, aka Partying.Three yrs. old Lance has been reaking havoc on their house along with accomplist 3yr.old Elise. Black permanent marker all over frig.,hot water tank turned off.Lance can't resist nobs,cords,batteries or plug ins. He told me very seriously one day that he had a power cord in him that went up to his eyes and made his eyes flash on and off. I just nodded my head and said "Oh".

I know this is gross but just try it! I think I have an abundance of yeast in my body and a test you can take at home will show yea or nea. When you first wake up in the morning spit into a glass of water(a glass glass so you can see)If your fine your spit will stay in one clump, if not it will send out little tenticles all over the place. Mine had tons of little legs all over. Unfortunatley the only cure is a very strict diet.The hardest part of the diet is no sugar and that would be so good for me....I'm addicted.January here I come!
I did lots of sewing yesterday but still no cooking! I'm going to run errands this morning after taking my manly man to work.

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