Tuesday, December 22, 2009

you lied to me!

Lia gave this coaster to me! It's pretty right on at least til Christmas is over!

James let his sister make him into ?? Edward, vampire?? the kids love it!

Everyone admiriing new baby conner, so sweet to see them all so excited over him.

Little Cozette eating orange peel! gag She must like the taste?

So, we had a fun party, and I feel like Christmas is over already. We had a white elephant exchange with the adults and children, which was fun. All the presents were on a table and according to the number you drew was when you picked your gift.Jonathan asked his mom which one she thought looked like a vidio game. And mom (instead of saying probley none!) pointed to one which is the one he picked. When it was time to open he was pretty dissapointed when he got a photo album.He threw it on the floor and said to his mom, "you lied to me!" and ran and cried!(he our emotional one). The kids spent alot of time trying to get people to change gifts with them.