Monday, January 25, 2010

nice week-end



well, it was very rainy Sat. but after our nice week no one was complaining! We cleaned, painted,went for a walk to feed the horses and saw a beautiful rainbow coming home, we were in awe at the beauty. Had a lovely day at church, Lance and Luna were great, sitting pretty quietly like they went to church every week.Luna helped lead the music(from the pew)Lance played with alittle car, but, when it was time for them to go to their classes I had him empty out his pockets into my bag...contents: 10 AA batteries. His batteries are like gold to him. If your missing batteries out of something, I always know where to find them. Our son and his family came over for comfort food....mashed potatoes & meatloaf.Beth made a wonderful pinapple upside down cake. We enjoyed sitting around talking while the children played.
The propane man came this morning,Lance ran out to watch.Another nice day(which means its not raining). My Manly Mans leaving to go work on Rachels car that decided not to work Fri., and then finish up inventory at the store. After picking up the childrens mommy at the train I need to go to Wal Mart to return some things.


  1. Not good car luck at your house lately. ...of course, that should be no surprise with the Tercel.

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend at your house! ...mmmm, Betsy cake. Call her Betsy!