Friday, February 5, 2010

down day

Today's a down day, you could say. It's lovely out, like spring...and though I'm enjoying that immensely, I'm a tiny bit worried.I saw sprouts on my clematis...way to early! Hope mother natures kind to us,that no winter storms blow through, like in the east right now. But, you can never trust Mother Nature, so we'll see. We had a picnic on the front lawn, the children checked the blackberries to see if they were ready to eat(well! it seems like summer!)

At about ll:00 this morning, I settled the children down with play dough and told them I was going to take a shower. Lance said,"Grandma, why do you have that thing on?"(my robe) Before I could answer Luna said,"Old people wear those Lance." Och!
So, here it is 3:00 and I'm going to go do my hair! Definately a down day!


  1. Madelynn and Abby said that they wear robes and they arent old.

  2. Linda, talking about the weather, I have just had a look at Yahoo Sky News and it's saying that you've just had what it calls a 'Snowmageddon' over in Washington. The news video I played looked horrendous. Hope that you and your family are all safe and well. What a difference a day makes!