Monday, February 15, 2010

the gangs all here!



Our newest grandson Conner

Look at those blue eyes!

We had a wonderful week-end here in Forest Grove, Oregon.There were 18 out of 20 grandchildren here, and that is a YES , it was alittle crazy! But, at the baptism they were just all great, reverent little angels. Chloe looked lovely in her white dress(yes I finished it!). My Manly Man and I are going to go scouting today, up in a beautiful little valley , headed toward the beach. Mainly just for fun.Its so beautiful and I love checking out real estate. Who knows where we'll end up when we "really " retire.

My daughter Sarah (who were staying with) is an accomplised photographer and took some pictures our newest grandson Nonner(Conner), who was blessed at church after Chloe's baptism. Can you believe those blue eyes!

Well, just a quick check-in.Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. I love that bright fabric she's using for backdrops! ...and Connor looks so adorable and happy! :)

  2. those photo's are amazing!