Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I love this bridge going into Olympia our state capital.

Mt. Rainer was spectacular yesterday! It was 52 and the sun was shining. My granddaughter Sofia took this picture for me.

My daughter and I always meet halfway between our homes (she lives outside of Portland) at Wal-mart. We shop, have lunch , and trade children. Its always short but, fun to see each other. I had to take this picture of Lilly with a face full of cookie.

Our granddaughter Sofi stayed after the birthday party Sat., it was "her turn".That's the nice thing about home schooling, its much more flexible. She's got assignments, but, I hate being the teacher. I'm the nice grandma.This is the hat Sofi and my manly man felted the other night. Its a mushroom hat! So cute! If your interested in felting we watched the cutest vidio on utube, alittle nine yr. old girl gave a demonstration on how to felt a hat.

My manly man called this morning, assured me the booth looked great and their day was beginning. Tomarrow Sofia and I are going to spend the day there, our help isn't needed too much, we'll just be relieving people for breaks. We plan on spending time in downtown Seattle looking around. I'm looking forward to it, havn't done that in years. I plan on taking lots of pictures!

Have a good day please.


  1. sounds like lots of fun I love looking around a big city!! have fun! Penny

  2. I have just connected to your blog through elizabethm' blogsite. I love your pictures and your lovely family too.