Saturday, February 6, 2010


From the Flower and Garden Show

Why am I so attracted to succulents? They do bring back memories of when we were living in California,they were everywhere, lining the boardwalks above the beaches, all different colors, growing in the sand. That was my first experience with succulents. except for my mothers hens and chicks in her rock garden that I remember her taking great care of, as they were from her grandmothers garden .At one time I even had some of hers in my gardens, sadly left behind because I was too busy with children to remember. A few years ago a friend generously shared some of her hens and chicks with me.They've propagated many times over, and I've shared, just like my mother did. Now, as they've gotten more popular I'm ready to make a few baskets this year.Last year my daughter and I were going to garage sells(or bumble sells as they say in Great Britin, isn't it cute)).At one a man was selling his mothers house and things.I got my treasured dresser in my dining room there.But, the thing we loved the most was a HUGE cement bowl full of chicks and hens. It was gorgeous and we both wanted it.But, he wasn't ready to sell it yet. I'm going to go back this summer and see if he's still there.I know its silly but I think about it once in a while.....I'd even love it in my house!

Saw a book at the show that looked good, lots of ideas.."Succulent Container Gardens"
Any ideas you'v used?

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