Thursday, February 25, 2010

welcome new members of the family

Well, the new members of our family really aren't very happy about being here!
After spending alot of the day with my daughter at the Dr.'s(holding nursing baby) I went by the store to see Manly Man and there on the floor, in a box , were our new family members. Two unhappy Guinea hens.If you've never seen a Guinea Hen, they have very beautiful bodies and very ugly heads.They make a funny sound, that already I've found to be alittle annoying. We got them in the car and planned to get them home, put them in with the duckies and leave for Brittons birthday party. Luna and Lance carried the box to the pen by themselves while I ran in the house for something.I came back out and we took the tape off and I was going to reach in and pick one up at a time and throw them in the duck pen. Can NOTHING be easy!!They both flew out and after ten minutes I could see we were getting no where close to getting them in.The kids were trying to help.......We found my manly mans fishing net and headed after them again.They backed themselves into a corner and I was able to catch one of them.His head hanging out one of the holes, I dumped him in with the ducks. Another ten minutes trying to get the other one and guess what I discovered? They can fly really high! When we finally left for the party the second was 30ft. up in a tree churping loadly to his brother. So, there you have it, our two new members of our family!

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  1. Wow! Is Jim going to clip their wings? Where do you find guinea hens anyway? I think they may be the only kind of chickens we can have at this place. I have a friend down the road that lost her chickens to the raccoons. And I really want chickens for us, not the raccoons!