Monday, March 1, 2010

a shopping we will go......

When ever the girls come to town we always try to make it to our favorite store "Joy Works".I try not to go otherwise! Too tempting! So, since her hubby's in Korea right now and my Manly Man had to work, we got us a baby sitter and headed out. Joy Works is not the place to bring children, even good children! We had Cozette with us but, she loves us and slept the whole time.

I'm usually not a decorator for Easter but, it was hard not to get excited after seeing all their cute ideas. And that's alot of the reason we go...TO GET IDEAS!I love this art piece!(I might have to go back)

The red room! Makes you want to re-decorate your kitchen and I don't even do red.

The pink room, I love pink but, my house says no.

Everyone has been into owls the last year or so, my granddaughter Sofia made the most darling owls and her mom takes hers to the next level by embroidering sweet things on them. So, we liked this colorful owl.

Of course we have to take a picture of every bee we see, just because were bee people!

Lia checking something out.

I thought these would be an easy project for children to hang on a pretty little easter egg tree.( I'm thinking that would be a fun grandma project with the grandchildren??)


  1. I love polka dots!!!!! This would be such a tempting store to be in without buying. By the way....did I tell you that our friends kept bee hives on their garage roof for years. Then their youngest son got stung and almost died. Come to find out he's like the little boy in the movie "My Girl". Deathly allergic to bees. We even had to have an epi pen at our house just in case. His dad is very allergic also. I remember the dad with a bee suit on several times in our backyard gathering up bees that were in a huge glob. He took them to his hive. Can you believe how dangerous that was? He didn't even know. One time we had bees swarming all over our yard. It was like it was snowing. I called the department of agriculture and they said they aren't dangerous then because they aren't protecting the queen bee and are looking for a place to have a hive. It was so a horror movie. My son, when he was about 3, was fussy all afternoon long. In exasperation I finally asked what in the world was wrong. He said, "I pet the buzzy bees". He had been stung! Didn't I feel like a big meanie after that.

  2. Oh, I bet you did feel bad!
    It's scary when someones allergic to bees! Our daughter that has 7hives, and works the store with Jim found out she was allergic.Shes taken shot therapy that helps but she's still alittle.Always carries and epi pen.Her tongue swells when she eats honey!
    Yea swarms can be intimidating, but, they will new sting.They gorge themselves with honey before swarming and then their so disoriented their harmless. I'v gone with Jim to get swarms and I find them just beautiful! I'll post a picture of one we got last summer.