Sunday, April 25, 2010

happy birthday to me

I had a nice quiet birthday, my manly man made me a nice piece of salmon, wild rice, and asparagas, thanks honey!  Above is a nice little plant  that fit right into my house, my daughter shares my tastes.
I took a three hour birthday nap after church that was lovely. Had many well wishes that I so appreciated. And I don't feel any older because I thought I'd turned 57 last year instead of this year.

I got three vidio birthday wishes from my daughters children that gave us all a well needed laugh! Our families have all had the flu this week, its been alittle miserable.


  1. Happy Bday! Did you get me email yesterday? Also didn't hear if you got my note about how to put that thing on your blog that has the "if you like this/then you'll like that". Hope you're having extended fun.

  2. Happy Birthday Linda. Salmon and rice is my favourite meal too. Your little grandaughters rendering of Happy Birthday dear Grandma - well it couldn't get much better than that :>)
    Glad you had a wonderful day xxxx

  3. Happy Birthday, Linda! It sounds as though you had a very happy day, after a couple of very busy weeks!

  4. Love it, love it, love it...Happy birthday to you!