Friday, May 7, 2010

hats off to all moms

Posted by PicasaI'm going to tell you a secret, PLEASE don't tell my children!
For many years I hated Mother's Day, it became a reminder of all I wasn't doing. Yes, I was pretty hard on myself because I really was a good mom.....just not a perfect mom. Is there such a thing? I highly doubt it!
I think my happiest times in my life were when I had a little baby to care for.  I struggled with depression all my life until I was treated, but when I had a little one I didn't have depression. (maybe it was breast feeding?

Now when Mother's Day comes around I just think of how much I admire the mother's of the world. It's a hard , hard job!

This picture was taken in Alaska 1979, our first outing of the spring. I don't have alot of pictures with me and the children because I was always the one taking pictures, but, I love this one of my first three children.(like the glasses?)


  1. Of course you're right. Hard work raising your own, then even more looking after grandchildren. It's the most important job there is!

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. Linda, that picture made me feel a bit weepy, because it's a photo that could have been taken of so many of us who had children in those years. The clothes, (yes, the glasses too!) the hair cuts on you and the little ones all take me back.
    I loved noticing your daughter's little hand on your lap - so sweet.
    Those were lovely years, when the children were tiny, weren't they?