Monday, June 7, 2010

Our three fold week-end

There must have been at least one hundred little girls dancing at different times on the stage , lifting our hearts as they displayed their innocence  and sweetness.  We left feeling uplifted and thank-ful to sweet Britton for inviting us to her recital.

two nights on the water doing nothing but relaxing, watching eagles,cruise ships going by, looking for shells and staring endlessly at the beautiful water.

my awesome children James,Lia,Rachel,Becky &Sarah

all 32 and 2/3 of us!

Sunday we have the great blessing of walking in the fight for breast cancer walk.It was incredible to be part of 16,000 people........all with a story. We were all out to show our love and support for Becky. I could feel the strength our family, and was incredibly proud of all of them.


  1. I think Beth should have gotten a 7/8 for her baby!! I am glad you had a chance to get away from this cancer crap!

  2. I love the picture of Mike and Becky. It really depicts what a supportive husband he has been. And doesn't Britton look like her daddy when he was a little boy? Just prettier, of course.

  3. Linda, what a lovely post right through from that little sweetheart in the top photos right through your weekend to the photos of your precious special family. Molly xxx

  4. What a great post, Linda - your little ballerinas, your trip and your amazing family on the walk. Thanks for sharing - you are terrific!

  5. What a really nice family you are. We'll be thinking of you this week.

    Special greetings from a very wet and stormy France. Cro.

  6. cro, back at you from a wet Washington!