Friday, June 4, 2010

the secrets out!

The Cottage

I tried, I really did, to keep it a secret. It just didn't work! So, tonight after sweet little Brittons ballet recital were heading to Whidbey Island for alittle R&R. It'll be nice and my manly mans thrilled to have the day off tomarrow.
When we were raising our families, something they always stressed at church was to make time for your significant other. It was such a, babysitter, energy......But, it made  a huge difference in our marriage. Things change and now we consider it a good night to just sit home knitting and watching T.V. Were not huge party people. We like hanging out with our kids now , weird huh!
I don't know though, Pondside's got me thinking about Las Vegas (SUN). It's been awhile.....


  1. Linda, that little cottage looks just what you both need at this moment in time. Will you be able to spend a few days there? Have a special time together. Love to all your family,'specially Becky and Beth and you and your Manly Man of course. Love Molly x

  2. That cottage looks adorable! You need a little r&r!

  3. Beautiful cottage! Is it very old, or just built to look old? The one thing we lack here is water; a lake out front would be the icing on the cake.

    Have a great weekend, Cro.

  4. I hope you have a wonderfully restful time on the island - sleeping in, walking by the water and some long slow deserve it all!
    Your comment on loving Vegas made me smile - thanks!

  5. Whidbey Island boy it's been a long time since we were stationed there I would LOVE to go back again !! Ron & I got married there.
    Have a wonderful time!!!!! Penny