Sunday, July 11, 2010

a day at the beach

About 20 miles north of us is a beautiful park called Kyak Point. Its situated  between Cameno Island and Puget Sound. We were not the only ones out to enjoy the beautiful day and the water, but we found ourselves a nice shaded little place to put our chairs and eat our lunch, and take naps. Why is it so magical watching children have fun? They had so much fun in the water, playing on a beautiful piece of driftwood, and giving each other rides in the river kyak. Its the first time we've had the double kyak out in a long time and it was lovely to be on the water again. My Manly Man and I got alittle ride in before everyone else came.Rachel and my Manly Man decided to paddle to Cameno Island and back, they were gone two  hours and we were starting to get alittle worried when they called, they saw lots of seals.
Another wonderful day in the Pacific Northwest.

seaweed girl

Lance was determined to kayak by himself and did a pretty
good job! (I have ahold of the rope)


  1. A day to remember! Lets hope for many more.

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. Sounds just WONDERFUL!!!! I miss green and water!!

  3. We live in an earthly paradise, don't we!?