Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer has yet to hit us, but, we hear it might be coming by for a visit this week. Personally I love the 65 degree weather, its so perfect to do yard work in, and best of all no watering yet (except pots). It's been a nice last few days, hanging out with visiting family, finding  joy even in the midst of trials. We finished sprucing up Becky's porch yesterday, I wanted her to feel a lift going into her house....something cheerful. I think we accomplished that. They had all kinds of projects planned for their house this summer which aren't going to happen so this will have to do.


My "Baby" bit the dust a few weeks ago, and the grass just kept getting longer and longer. So, after figuring out it'd cost a couple hundred dollars to fix her , my Manly Man went and looked at lawn mowers. He said he was looking at just getting a push mower. I said that was fine, but he'd be the one doing the pushing! So, "Baby No. 2" enters our life! She's much smaller and looks like she was made just for me. I'm very happy with her  as is my lawn!

Becky hit day no. 10 today which is when your white blood counts suppose to plummet, but, so far she's doing pretty well, she even went to church today. She said yesterday she's finally pain free from all her surgery's, happy day. Tomarrow Saint Sarah is bringing her children home. We call her Saint now which I think is very fitting since she's had 10 children the last two weeks! Becky's looking forward to having her little ones around her again

Ya gotta love life!


  1. Every time I read your posts, I see a tight family unit. well done. Cro.

  2. What a nice job you guys did! big difference.Sorry about your baby...isn't there always something to buy! Good pictures...take care Penny

  3. why does that say just love said.... sounds looks wierd...

  4. What a pretty transformation of the porch - I'll be it was a real spirit-lifter.

  5. Love the lawn buggy - just your colour too, Linda. So pleased to hear Becky is doing so well.
    The porch looks pretty cool too. She will love it.