Wednesday, August 11, 2010

cute head gear

Sometimes it's nice to feel alittle femineme when you don't have much hair. We've all tried scarves, hats and we all had fun trying on Becky's wigs. I found a cute little head band at my favorite store downtown(Joyworks) and brought a couple home. My mother in law had a fit over what I paid for them and immediantly crocheted a prototype.Her's only cost 2.50 compared to my 14.00 (which I didn't think was that bad!) She's cranked out quite a few now and I'v even made a couple but haven't finished yet. In the long run though I don't wear anything, because its just too warm. Sometimes I throw on a baseball hat when I'm in the sun.
I grew up a red head, as was my mother. About ten years ago my hair started getting darker and some gray
 and thats when I started dying it. It's kinda funny because when my manly man and I met that was one of the strikes against me was my red hair, and that it was short. Then he went on a mission to Northern Italy (lots of red heads) and came back loving red heads. He never minded the girls dying their hair as long as it was red. ( not that that stopped Rachel from dying hers, blue, black and a few others) So, I'm going to try not to dye my hair anymore and accept my black and grey. I know my Manly Man would like it red again, it did make me look younger. Oh, vanity, Oh, vanity.

It's an easy pattern. If your interested just tell me and I'll e mail it to you.


  1. Sometimes hair grows back in curly, when it used to be straight, or fine when it was thick, or thick when it was fine. Let's wait and see how yours is - when it's as short as it'll be you can have some fun playing with colour.

  2. That's what she was up to when I called the other day. Very very cute adornments!