Saturday, August 28, 2010

a good read

The year we were waiting to get into the FBI we moved back home and my manly man worked out in the "areas", nuclear plant.This was back when we listened to the radio (1983) , and I remember that one evening of the week was the reading of a book. That's when I was first introduced to Ken Follet. No matter where we were or what was going on , I listened  to his book "On Wings of Eagles". I loved it, and loved even more  ,  having something to look forward to. Something happened and I missed an episode.......I was devastated.My sweet manly man went out and bought me the hard back .(pennies were tight) He scored alot of points with his wifey!


a few years ago after traveling to Europe for the first time, I was so taken with all the architecture and interested in the history......I found my next Ken Follett book "Pillars of the Earth", an epic 1000 page history of the building of a cathedral. Quite enthralled with it and the story, I finished it, quite proud of myself! Truly I am even in more awe of those amazing buildings of the middle ages. It recreates quite vividly what village life was like and the people that lived there.

I didn't realize Starz had made a mini series out of it.I started watching it tonight, so far so good. I've defiantly decided I don't want to live in the middle ages!!


  1. I loved that book, but wasn't quite so taken with World Without End.

  2. Whoops! I put my comment on the book in the previous post. So that's where you'll find how I love that book.