Friday, August 13, 2010

sweet daughters

My daughter Lia on the right took a trip with her family to Oregon
to see our other daughter Sarah. I stole pictures from her blog
they were just to pretty to waste.Aren't they just darling! Can
you believe they both have six children! Both home school and have
the greatest children.

Lia's handsome(crazy) husband with little Cozette, beautiful

Beautiful Oregon Coast! Oregon has the most beautiful Beach's I've ever seen!
They might not be the most swimmer friendly  but the scenery is to die for.
When I was a child our favorite vacations were when we drove from Eastern
Washington (desert) to the the Oregon Coast. We swam but not until we got our bodies numb. It was heaven for us.


  1. Cozette must be one of the most beautiful names known to mankind!

    I'd never imagined the Oregon coast to be like that. Looks beautiful; almost oriental.

  2. Linda, how have I missed this? I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's cancer. She looks like she is handling it in an amazing fashion. I will keep her and her family in my prayers and your entire extended family as well. How wonderful that you are all showing solidarity against this cancer. God bless you all!

  3. Cro, yes my manly mans mother (who lives with us) is Cozette. And baby Cozette was born on her birthday! (which is also my manly mans birthday). Yes, the Oregon coast is amazing.

    Oh Ashleigh I'm sorry you didn't know. Becky's a great gal, always been very upbeat and funny. This has definatly got her down at times but she's doing a great job and as a mom I'm so proud of her and am trying to be as brave as she is. Hey congraates on your being 1 in 10 that's so awesome. You do have a great blog and bring spain alive. love