Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tongue in cheek

I love the blog "Tongue in Cheek"  from France. Girl lives in California. Girl meets

man from France. Girl marries man from France. Girl and man move to France, raise

 two children, and have wonderfully funny stories to tell. Girl is very into antiques

 and just started an online store to sell off all her good buys . So, here's a few of the

wonderful things she has up for sale........ which one do you think I'm considering



  1. Well, I'll have the wine glass and the 3 jam pots.

  2. The third from the top...although the 6th from the top looks like an antique contact lens holder! ...since you wear glasses, I didn't guess it.

  3. yes I loved the jam jars too! Actually I love the old binoculars and the pencils. The pencils are what women used to write on their dance cards thought that was romantic! And I love old papers and documents! Too bad none of them are in my budget!

  4. I LOVE the way they use to write back then!!look at us now!