Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was thinking about Mother Teresa today , what a wise woman she was. (When I had free flying privileges a few years ago I was doing research into going to India and volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity.. Even all the shots didn't scare me off. What really did it (wimp that I am) was a statement that said " Make sure you stay somewhere your comfortable for when you get sick". Not "if" you get sick , but , "when")
. I was so impressed as they described the schedule of the orphanages.  After the children were fed and dressed the workers got down on the floor and sat with them, just touching them, reading to them, playing with them.They could have bought lots of toys , TVs, but, she knew the value of love and what it took for children to feel loved. Most of these children go on to live ,good productive lives. So, instead of buying niceties (washers and dryers) she opens more missions around the world.
I always said it was a good thing we didn't have alot of money when we were raising our children, I'm thinking I might have spoiled them. I'm so proud of my children for raising grateful, unspoiled children. 
I bought the girls new Pj's yesterday and they were SO excited, their very appreciative girls. This week has gone better, I think were getting the hang of things alittle. My Manly Man has been great, he gets the mornings started, I get up in time to say good-by to the girls, we take turns showering and he's off to work. It'll come! Conner has some new tricks...he climbed up both sets of stairs today and he's using a sippy cup!
We've been planning to sell our store in a year or two and have had a couple interested. So, it looked like we were going to sell it sooner than later , until yesterday, they called and said they'd decided against it. It was weird though, I didn't feel upset , instead I felt kinda relieved , which was strange , since I was pushing for it. You just never know!


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