Monday, December 20, 2010

Country Living

Country Living has been one of my favorite magazines for years! I couldn't always afford to buy it and depended upon the local library for my fix. I'd check out any extras and pour over them, just recieving pleasure from the beautiful pictures and getting a few ideas of my own from it.

Now,  if I see one on the stand I'll pick it up for my treat for the week.

I love my house and don't laugh but it does speak to me about what colors it wants on its walls. I see all these pretty bright colors people paint their walls and my walls in our living areas still whisper to me "stay light or white". I listen and am always glad I do.

I have used color on my guest room and LOVE it ! My room I painted a light robin blue. So light that until all the walls were painted it looked white. Its very peaceful.

Oh, and wonderful garden ideas that I just don't have the energy for anymore but love to look at those that do!

So, thank-you my favorite magazine for providing me hours of pleasure looking at your beautiful homes and gardens.

My coveted country kitchen sink. I'll just have to keep looking , I don't think it'll ever happen, and I'm fine with that.

I think this is my favorite picture, I'm a sucker for wood beams, one of the things I love about European homes.  Well, I hope you've enjoyed  a few of Country Livings beautiful pictures!

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