Friday, December 17, 2010

There's no place like home!

It's been sweet seeing Christmas through the eyes of children again, their excitement, wonder, and gratefulness more than anything. This is the first Christmas three year old Natalie understands. She walks around saying, "Merry Christmas". At the church Christmas party she wasn't brave enough to sit on Santa's lap so she's been concerned he wouldn't know what she wanted. We had to assure her that her daddy told Santa. We've been trying to fill up Jesus bed with straw from doing good deeds for each other, I'm afraid this week his bed hasn't grown to much but it'll still be soft!  My Manly Man took Natalie to the library a couple day's ago and she came home SO excited. She saw Santa riding on a motorcycle! I guess the rest of the way home she was trying to find Santa's reindeer. So Fun. Tomorrow the girls are going to Aunt Sarah's for a few days before they leave to go to Utah for Christmas vacation. Their excited to see their cousins who they talk about all the time, and to go on a trip. Praying for good weather on their trip.

I cannot tell a lie, it's always good to be home, to bask in the silence, and refill my cup.

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