Thursday, January 13, 2011

moving camp

First let me tell you that I thought I wanted alittle net book I know for sure I don't! I will save alittle longer for alittle bit bigger laptop! Mine crashed last week, and I'm using Mike's net book he so generously shared. The keyboard is so tiny I'm always hitting wrong keys and making things disappear.

So..........tomorrow Mike leaves for the Hawaiian Islands for a week. He and Becky were going to go for their 10th wedding anniversary (which was in the middle of all the "stuff"). I'm happy he's going and hope he has a great time and some quiet time on the beach , which he so deserves. So....tonight were moving everyone over to our house, driving the girls to school everyday. Their all excited to be going to Grandmas. My dear Manly Man is taking the whole week off (made possible by new helper at the store)
I'm looking forward to being home. Tomorrow were taking the older girls out of school and Grandpa's taking them into Seattle to see the "Harry Potter Exhibition". It's suppose to be excellent, their SO excited . We informed dad at dinner last night that we might not have time to skyp with him since were
 going to be busy partying!
Well, must go, Natalie's ready to get out of the bath, she just informed me that the dr. said she didn't have to have her hair washed. hmmm three year olds are so entertaining!

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