Sunday, February 13, 2011


Of course, as most of you , when I see hearts I think of love. Our granddaughter,  3yr. old Natalie , loves to draw, as long as shes drawing she's happy. And for a three yr. old she's quite good. Well, when we started making hearts for our Valentine party she wanted to join in.  Help me make a "love"  she'd say.

You know we all have our passions, one of mine is love. It's a big thing missing in the world today, and everyone needs it , whether they will admit it or not. All our troubled teen-ages walking around causing trouble are really shouting "Please help me feel loved". But, parents are too busy working to buy them more things,  or just to "BUSY"  period. Things that make children feel loved: someone caring enough to make them do jobs so they feel needed.... some one who is interested if they have homework.....someone to listen to them...... (oops ..soapbox)

I love Aristotle's definition of love, "to will the good of another".  We can always find something bad about someone , but, it's so much easier to look for the good in someone.....and makes us feel so much better. I witness so many acts of love each day by so many different people, I'm always in awe . 

Love is the "international" language.

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