Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I think most families have a "favorite game". Ours would be a cross between
"spoons" and "skip-bo".  We've played skip-bo since the kids were in High School.
Becky and I used to get into some heated games, we just like to razz each other.
I remember once when our youngest son said, "I don't know why you guys even play together and I'm going down stairs til your through!" He didn't understand that it was a destresser for us.
When we had a foreign exchange student from Germany, she'd come in from school and say
to Becky, "What time is it?", "It's skip-bo time".
If my manly man wants to be nice to me , he'll ask if I want to play skip-bo , even though he knows
he has to play til I've won as many as he has!
So, most of the older grandchildren can play(of course its not as relaxing to play with

them). Abbi and I got ALOT of games in while she was home sick for two weeks. It's alot of fun and I think they like it because it's the only time they can razz adults.

So, after a month or more I think I can say were all healthy......and sun and spring are coming
that'll help us all.
Today the sky is blue and the sun has so graciously shone for us. We played outside for 2hrs this morning. I guess it was enough because Conner didn't kick and scream when I brought him in!

Well, hope the sun is shining where ever you are, we all deserve it!

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