Thursday, March 31, 2011

time out

I'm sitting here watching the girls swim in the hotel pool. We came down to the state capitol (Olympia) last night for a concert.Right after Becky died my daughter Sarah sent us a CD by Mindy Gledhill, a not so known singer who's unique music brought smiles to our faces. The girls quickly learned all the songs and they became a favorite in the car. Then last month Sarah told us she was coming to the Pacific Northwest to do some "mini" concerts. I bought tickets and surprised the girls (that's always fun!) So, here we are at the concert and I think I'm enjoying myself more than anyone there!! I've always enjoy any live music whether I like it our not. Abbi was singing to the music , Madelynn was telling me she was bored .  It took place in a grange with about 200 people there. Pretty tame for the girls first concert.
Remind me never to sleep with Abbi again! I spent most of the night defending myself against her kicks. She kept telling me she was sorry everytime I'd move her over.
So, as soon as we finished the swim were going to Ikea, one of my favorite places that I haven't been to in quite a while.It's funny because the girls are excited about Ikea too! They remember trips with their mom and of course theres lunch....swedish meatballs, ummmm. We promised Natalie alittle present, poor baby. Another reason to grow big. She wants so badly to be big. But, she's so darn cute little! How blessed I feel to be the reciprecut of all her wonderful little prattling.

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